VORTEX Frame Slider Kit - YZF-R6 SR175

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V3 2.0 frame sliders are equipped with controlled flexion areas, The intelligent protection system design ensures that the slider bends in a certain position; no force will be put either to the frame of the motorcycle or to the engine body, The screws are chosen according to the appropriate, diversified durability; they ensure that the protection system bends in exactly defined position and no force is put on the original parts of the motorcycle, Strong aluminum elements guarantee high endurance of the whole protection system; the surface is anodized or matte varnished to avoid corrosion, The sliders are made of highly durable material which absorbs the energy in case of fall; plastic is carefully chosen in order to absorb the energy of the hit and allow safe decrease of speed, All parts for the 2.0 frame sliders are processed with CNC high-speed machines; each set fits the particular model of the motorcycle, No extra parts are necessary to assemble the product; each set includes detailed assembly instructions with images of every single spare part, Made in the U.S.A.