CTR Digital Tire Warmers

CTR Digital Tire Warmers:

- Designed and spec'd out to fit the current SBK offerings from Dunlop & Pirelli.

- Perfect fitment on the Pirelli 125/70-17 & 200/65-17 and Dunlop 120/70-70 & 200/60-17 slicks

- High heat capability due to the use of silica cased copper wire, which means you can get your tires "Race hot" to accurately set your hot tire pressures (no more lap 4 pressure spike or having to set your tire pressure lower so the tire will come in after 3-4 race laps)

- Independent / adjustable temperature control for front and rear tires

- Side skirts to keep the heat in, provide faster warm up and mitigate temperature loss due to wind 

- Rubber protection case on the control box

- Available in Red, Blue, Black, Neon & Pink