CTR 90 degree Valve Stem Sets

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CTR 90 degree valve stem sets - As seen in MotoGP and World Superbike!

OK, that's complete BS, but that's how Tony would pitch it, so I'm going to run with it, they use 90-degree stems, just not mine! More commonly seen in OMRRA & WMRRA on top finishing Formula Ultra Superbikes...

- 11.3mm, fits most Japanese wheels

- Built with the finest Pacific Rim aluminum, cast by skilled craftsboys and quenched in the tears of your competition.

- Large hole design so your tire guy doesn't get pissed that you bought those crappy 90 degree stems with the tiny hole that won't allow enough airflow to drain your tire in under an hour or seat your tire beads, then the tire guy stares at you while the anxiety builds and you just wanted to make the next session, but you can't, because you didn't buy these 90 degree valve stems.  Avoid being that guy for $25 (I'm the tire guy, its worth it to both of us!)

- Stop burning your hands on hot brake rotors

- Look cool

- Win C group at any track day by installing these 90-degree stems (Ohlins suspension and Pirelli tires available if you can't get the bump with just the stems)

- Sold by the pair!  So you get 2) 90-degree valve stems!  Which is 180 degrees - which means turn back out of the cart and grab an Alpinestars suit or AGV Helmet!