Frequently asked questions:

How do you stock so many parts in a 1500sqft building?

- We don't, we have 3 major suppliers that dropship via 22 warehouses nationwide and use software that updates inventory levels. When you place an order we manually process the dropship to you or the order to the shop / track for local pick-up. Often we have people swing by for part xxx or tire xxx and are upset that its not "in-stock" because the website says it is. Please understand that our business model is geared towards national web sales, local service work and trackside support.


Where are you located? 

- 1117 SE Centennial St #120 Bend, OR 97702 


How do I contact you? 

- Call or Text 858-848-1198 or click the Contact link above to email 


What's up with your phone number?

- It's a google voice number that allows us to send texts to our cell phones and calls to our shop phone.  It's a Miramar area code 858 (think Top Gun...) and two Ducati's 848 and 1198


Are your technicians certified motorcycle mechanics?

- Nope!  Let's clear up this myth real quick, there are no state certifications nor are there any state licenses issued to motorcycle mechanics, any mechanic outside of the dealership umbrella claiming to be "certified" is full of crap and lying to you, let me explain.  Within the dealership setting there is manufacturer training, sometimes classroom locations, most of the time youtube channels by the manufacturer with product info, segment training and a open book test in the end.  Billy the dealership tech watches all the youtube videos on a Yamaha Grizzly, takes his open book test on the segments (literally while watching the video), passes with a 100% and receives his gold sticker from the manufacturer to paste on his "factory certified" card, collect enough youtube certified stickers and stick around long enough and you're a factory certified master technician!  Guess what happens when Billy takes a job at a different brand dealership? Or heavens forbid, takes a job at an independent shop?  Billy is stripped of all his "certifications" from that manufacturer :( 

"Factory Certified Technicians" is a training program to certify the people working in their dealership, at one point you had to be a level 3 tech with Ducati to perform warranty work, etc.  Moreso it's a cunning marketing ploy by the manufacturers to market their dealerships service department and sell service work based on the fact that they have "Factory Certified Technicians", but if you leave say the Honda dealer and take a job at the Polaris dealer... you're no longer a "Factory Certified Honda Technician".


But isn't MMI or UTI a certification?

- No, the trade schools offer certificates of completion after completing their training, there are no state certifications nor are there any state licenses issued to motorcycle mechanics.

Will you mount a tire that I purchased online?

- Yes, we will. We also sell tires online and in-store and a majority of the time we can match or beat online prices. Bring in your online deal and let's see what we can do - we're making it so you can shop online and still support local small business!


Can you reset the service light on my Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, ETC

- Yes.  We have the latest offerings from Snap-on and Texa for diagnostic work and resetting service lights 


Will it void my warranty if an independent shop like you performs my 600 mile service or other routine maintenance?

- No, it will not void your warranty LINK TO FTC.GOV for more information


Do you work on older bikes?

- Short answer, no... "but it just needs a tune-up", no... "but it just needs a little carb work", no... "but it's just an intermittent electrical problem", no...

- Longer answer, yes with an explanation. Basic motorcycle service work that won't open a jar of worms, tire changes, oil changes, brake pads/shoes, chain & sprockets, a light bulb, ya can't get in too much trouble doing that.  Actual repair jobs on older bikes 15+ years old typically never go well, parts are generally not available or require an extraordinary amount of time to source and that comes at a price. If you understand this and want to financially invest in your 1999, 1989, 1979 and be patient while everything gets done right, not right now, we are willing to work with you.



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