VERTEX Top End Gasket Kit - Kawasaki 300 611100

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Top End Gasket Kit - Kawasaki 300
Winderosa's wide range of high-tech materials provides unmatched reliability and performance for the demanding needs of today's power plants, Fit most current and many non-current engines, including Sachs, JLO, Hirth, CCW, Kohler and Xenoah, Designed to replace OEM gaskets exactly, Many kits now include coated stainless steel head gaskets, High-performance oil seals have a high-chromium-content stainless steel alloy spring for maximum performance and corrosion resistance, Order only what you need for specific maintenance projects, Include all head, base, intake, exhaust gaskets and O-rings or oil seals, plus crankshaft end seals and power valve gaskets, Made in the U.S.A., Sets contain ALL gaskets necessary for professional engine rebuilding, including high-performance oil seals