Top End Kit 76.95/Std 13.5:1 Suz

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  • All piston skirts are coated with a high-tech Molybdenum Disulfide coating for faster break-in time and increased piston life

  • Forged pistons are forged from 2618 aluminum for superior strength and durability

  • Forged Replica pistons are forged OE replacements

  • All pistons are heat treated with a T-5 hardening and tempering cycle

  • All rings are OEM replacements.

  • Top end piston kit includes piston, rings, pins, circlips, top end gaskets, and wrist pin bearing or cam chain where applicable

2013 Suzuki RM-Z250
2014 Suzuki RM-Z250
2015 Suzuki RM-Z250