REKLUSE Core EXP 3.0 Clutch RMS-7790

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Core EXP 3.0 is a centrifugal auto clutch featuring Rekluse's EXP (auto clutch) technology, Full clutch control and use of the lever is retained for a no-compromise riding experience, Core EXP 3.0 offers dead-on clutch engagement every time and allows riders to take off and stop in gear without using clutch lever, Rekluse's billet center hub and pressure plate convert the clutch to six coil springs which improves lever feel, clutch performance and durability, Increased oil passages in the center hub and pressure plate move more oil through the clutch, decreasing operating temperatures and increasing clutch life, Installing Core EXP 3.0 does not require modification to stock components, Shifting the transmission remains unchanged (clutch lever use is recommended for shifting), Made in the U.S.A.