REGINA 520 Quad Series - 120 Links 135QUAD/1011

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The ultimate ATV chain, developed to withstand the severe stresses of ATV riding, yet lightweight with maximum performance, QUAD chains feature the patented Z44 sealing rings, which greatly improve performance and wear life, making previous X-ring and Z-ring chains obsolete, 50% reduction in friction compared to traditional O-rings, Constant lubrication from special high-temperature grease in the critical pin/bushing area provides long life, High-carbon alloy pins to minimize wear and increased roller thickness to prolong durability, Thicker outer plates and quad-riveting for greater tensile strength, All parts are shot-peened for maximum fatigue resistance, and all chains are pre-loaded for superior performance and minimal adjustment, Suitable for ATVs up to 900cc, 8,093 ft./lbs. tensile strength, Gold color