Rear Wheel Spacer Kit

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OE spacers typically wear out within a year of hard riding. OE wheel spacers should be checked and replaced as needed with every bearings service. Water and dirt act as a grinding compound between the seal face and the mating surface of the spacer. Once the grooves are deep enough, the sealing surface is lost, allowing water and dirt to pass through and contaminate the bearing.

  • Designed for years of service even in the dirtiest riding environments

  • All Balls aluminum spacers feature a hardened steel shell pressed over the aluminum to provide superior wear surface

  • Manufactured with 52100 bearing steel that is through hardened, precision ground and plated for years of service

1996 Honda CR80R
1996 Honda CR80RB Expert
1997 Honda CR80R
1997 Honda CR80RB Expert
1998 Honda CR80R
1998 Honda CR80RB Expert
1999 Honda CR80R
1999 Honda CR80RB Expert
2000 Honda CR80R
2000 Honda CR80RB Expert
2001 Honda CR80R
2001 Honda CR80RB Expert
2002 Honda CR80R
2002 Honda CR80RB Expert
2003 Honda CR80R
2003 Honda CR80RB Expert
2003 Honda CR85R
2003 Honda CR85RB Expert
2004 Honda CR85R
2004 Honda CR85RB Expert
2005 Honda CR85R
2005 Honda CR85RB Expert
2006 Honda CR85R
2006 Honda CR85RB Expert
2007 Honda CR85R
2007 Honda CR85RB Expert