MOOSE RACING Brake Line - Rear - Stainless Steel - DR-Z 400 E HS01-2-027/P

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Brake Line - Rear - Stainless Steel - DR-Z 400 E
Swivel union ends are the secret to easier fitting, and ensure a kink- and stress-free installation, Venhill Engineering in the UK makes Moose Racing Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch lines to the highest specifications, Each line is made from top quality DuPont Teflon®-coated hose, wrapped with British-made stainless steel, and PVC-coated for protection and great looks, Rubber protection boots and extra-rigid tubing are used to protect vulnerable areas from heat and impact and to prevent hose flex under compression, Each line is designed to withstand a minimum of 14,000 psi, Installing Moose Racing stainless lines gives a large performance increase by significantly reducing expansion under pressure and absorption of water when compared to stock rubber hoses