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  • Complete rotating and reciprocating rebuild kit including crankshaft assembly, main bearings and seals, pistons and components, and a complete engine gasket kit

  • All components were developed through extensive research and development on ProX’s in-house engine dyno

  • Crankshafts come completely assembled using Maxima® assembly lube and are inspected in-house for proper dimensions and trueness

  • Connecting rods feature proprietary design done in-house, and are forged, heat-treated, and shot-peened for ultimate tensile strength and reduced stress risers

  • Connecting rods include graded bearings in the big end to ensure proper clearance, as well as a bronze bushing in the small end, both improving longevity and performance

  • Pistons are cast from OEM-grade alloy and feature MOS2 skirt coating and hard- anodized crown and ring grooves for improved performance and wear resistance through reduced friction and improved heat resistance

  • Includes Japanese-sourced, Koyo main bearings along with OEM quality seals and complete gasket kit to ensure a reliable engine rebuild

  • More applications covered in fewer part numbers with versatile gasket kits and compression ratios

  • Available in A/B/C graded bore sizes