DUNLOP Tire - Q3+ - 120/60R17 - Front - (55W) 45036351

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Incorporates MT Multi-Tread technology providing a cool-running, long-wearing compound in the center for long tread life, enhanced straight-line stability and excellent traction, while the sides feature lateral-grip compounds to enhance traction at moderate-to-maximum lean angles, Exhibits exceptional cornering stability, especially at high lean angles, responsive and precise steering characteristics, and predictable, smooth transitional-steering performance and impressive performance in dry conditions as a result of CFT, Tread pattern utilizes Dunlop's cosecant-curve but with fewer grooves that are longer-track-proven to greatly enhance wet-weather performance, Delivers more performance and 20% greater tire life than the Q3 radial, Features Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT), W-rated for speeds of 168+ mph, Tubeless (TL), Blackwall