DUNLOP Tire - Mutant - Rear - 160/60R17 - (69W) 45255202

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4 Seasons Technology combines ply materials and hi-silica compounds with deep, uniquely shaped tread grooves to displace water for maximum traction in wet conditions, Dunlop's patented MT Multi-Tread helps deliver the best of both worlds: class-leading mileage, and cornering grip that rivals purpose-built sport tires, Jointless Band Technology uses a continuously wound belt within the tire carcass, limiting dynamic growth and making handling more consistent, A high silica compound ratio promotes tread flexibility, especially at low operating temperatures, increasing wet and dry drip, and mileage, Rayon Ply Casing material allows the Mutant to warm up quickly and helps increase mileage, Tubeless (TL), Blackwall