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The absolute highest quality performance pit bike/play bike exhaust system on the market The next generation in D-Section exhaust system, the D3. The design incorporates an aircraft quality stainless steel header and mid-pipes that have been tuned specifically for each model to optimize performance and power gains. A lightweight “D” profile muffler is used to dramatically reduce weight on all models. BBR’s unique “D” muffler also allows for maximum tire clearance and packing volume. For all applications, the BBR D3, comes as a complete system including header and muffler. A USDA forest service approved spark arrester is also included. If you need to reduce the db level, BBR offers the optional Cancel Core Insert.

  • Carbon Fiber Heat Shield

  • Carbon Fiber End Cap

  • Optional Cancel Core Insert – Neighbors got you down? Reduces sound to stock like noise levels for the back yard, then can easily be removed for the track!

  • Includes Pipe Plug & Spring Puller

  • Tested and Race Proven by the best pit bike/play bike riders on the planet

1985 Honda XR100R
1985 Honda XR80R
1986 Honda XR100R
1986 Honda XR80R
1987 Honda XR100R
1987 Honda XR80R
1988 Honda XR100R
1988 Honda XR80R
1989 Honda XR100R
1989 Honda XR80R
1990 Honda XR100R
1990 Honda XR80R
1991 Honda XR100R
1991 Honda XR80R
1992 Honda XR100R
1992 Honda XR80R
1993 Honda XR100R
1993 Honda XR80R
1994 Honda XR100R
1994 Honda XR80R
1995 Honda XR100R
1995 Honda XR80R
1996 Honda XR100R
1996 Honda XR80R
1997 Honda XR100R
1997 Honda XR80R
1998 Honda XR100R
1998 Honda XR80R
1999 Honda XR100R
1999 Honda XR80R
2000 Honda XR100R
2000 Honda XR80R
2001 Honda XR100R
2001 Honda XR80R
2002 Honda XR100R
2002 Honda XR80R
2003 Honda XR100R
2003 Honda XR80R
2004 Honda CRF100F
2004 Honda CRF80F
2005 Honda CRF100F
2005 Honda CRF80F
2006 Honda CRF100F
2006 Honda CRF80F
2007 Honda CRF100F
2007 Honda CRF80F
2008 Honda CRF100F
2008 Honda CRF80F
2009 Honda CRF100F
2009 Honda CRF80F
2011 Honda CRF100F
2011 Honda CRF80F
2012 Honda CRF100F
2012 Honda CRF80F
2013 Honda CRF100F
2013 Honda CRF80F