Brake Pads V Series

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EBC Brakes offer a full line of brake pads and brake shoes for most street and dirt bikes and ATVs.

  • Heavy duty copper sintered material gives the feel of an organic pad with the wear characteristics of a sintered pad. Great for larger touring bikes, offers stable braking with minimal pad/rotor wear and lower brake dusting of wheels

1998 BMW K1200LT
1999 BMW K1200LT
2000 BMW K1200LT
2001 BMW K1200LT
2002 BMW K1200LT
2003 BMW K1200LT
2003 BMW K1200LT Exodus
2003 BMW R1200C
2003 BMW R1200C Avantgarde
2003 BMW R1200C Classic
2003 BMW R1200C Euro
2003 BMW R1200C Independent
2003 BMW R1200C Montana
2003 BMW R1200C Montauk
2003 BMW R1200C Phoenix
2003 BMW R1200CL
2004 BMW K1200LT
2004 BMW R1200C
2004 BMW R1200C Classic
2004 BMW R1200C Euro
2004 BMW R1200C Independent
2004 BMW R1200C Montana
2004 BMW R1200C Montauk
2004 BMW R1200C Phoenix
2004 BMW R1200CL
2005 BMW K1200LT
2005 BMW R1200C Classic
2005 BMW R1200C Montauk
2005 BMW R1200CL
2006 BMW K1200LT
2007 BMW K1200LT
2008 BMW K1200LT
2009 BMW K1200LT